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New blueberry varieties well received

The two new high-chill blueberry varieties, Megas Blue and Titanium, have been well received by nurseries and trials at their introduction in Europe. Both varieties are marketed by Global Plant Genetics, an international company with a specialist focus on the intellectual property rights management of asparagus, berry and grape rootstock crops.

These two varieties are the first to be marketed by the Oregon-based Blueberry Farms and Nurseries. The management of its programme in most regions has been outsourced to Global Plants Genetics.

Rupert Hargreaves, director of Global Plant Genetics: “After the performance of these two varieties was monitored in the United States for the past three years, we are pleased that we can now market them worldwide. The market is looking for new high-chill varieties with better  taste traits and higher yields.”

Jon Horton from Oregon Blueberry Farms and Nurseries: “Both varieties have been well received in the United States until now and we are pleased that they can now be offered to the European sector in an alliance with Global Plant Genetics. We are also looking forward to the further roll out of these varieties worldwide in the short term.”

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Date of publication: 13-7-2018

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New blueberry varieties well received
New blueberry varieties well received