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Over the past decades, Schrijnwerkers Plants has built up an extensive portfolio of early, mid and late varieties. At our hypermodern production site in Overloon, we grow about 1.5 million blueberry plants annually. These plants are sold throughout Europe. Thanks to our cooperation with major blueberry breeders, Schrijnwerkers offers the latest (licensed) varieties. These varieties are suitable for growing in the (changing) climate conditions in Europe.

All our plant material is Naktuinbouw certified and propagated using the latest techniques. Our plants are propagated using the microcutting technique.  To guarantee optimal rooting right to the base of the pot, our entire cultivation area consists of lava-based surfaces. This ensures optimal drainage. Nothing but the best quality is good enough for Schrijnwerkers Plants!

Our varieties are listed under the buttons below, categorised according to the order of ripening in the season. We are happy to advise you on the best suited varieties for your cultivation methods and region.

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