‘Katahdin®’ is new variety from MSU (Michigan State University). It is a highly productive cultivar with excellent fresh fruit quality. It is likely well adapted to all northern highbush production areas. Plants of ‘Katahdin®’ are vigorous and upright, although the canes can be lax when loaded with fruit. Canes are numerous, moderately branched and the fruit are well exposed. Its berries are large, have small, dry picking scars, medium blue color, good firmness and flavor.

The fruiting season of ‘Katahdin®’ significantly overlaps that of the widely planted, mid-season cultivars ‘Draper’, and ‘Bluecrop’. ‘Katahdin®’ has larger, firmer fruit than ‘Bluecrop’ and a much smaller picking scar. Its fruit can be a little smaller than ‘Draper’ but   otherwise has comparable fruit quality.  It is a much more vigorous than ‘Draper’ and is more productive.

‘Katahdin®’ is meant as an alternative to ‘Draper’, where the low vigor of ‘Draper’ is an issue.

In multi-location trials, ‘Katahdin®’ has proven to be an extremely upright very vigorous bush that ripens fruit in the early mid-season.  Its fruit have had good to excellent size, color, firmness and flavor.  It has also annually produced good to excellent yields.

‘Katahdin®’ has a much better plant habit than ‘Bluecrop’, is more winter hardy and has a much smaller fruit scar. It is a little darker than ‘Bluecrop’ but otherwise its fruit quality is slightly better or comparable to ‘Bluecrop’.  ‘Katahdin®’ is much more upright and vigorous that Draper, with comparable fruit quality.

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